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Justice Brother’s Air Intake System Cleaner is formulated to dissolve reversion build-up, improve throttle response, clean air intake passageways, and reduce sticking butterflies. If you’re concerned about harming your oxygen sensors, wide band or other smog control devices, don’t be! Justice Brother’s Air intake System Cleaner is completely safe for all late model vehicles!

For more information visit www.justicebrothers.com




The Street Twin Clutch Assembly is rated for up to a whopping 1700 HP, and utilizes specialized floater straps for quieter operation. When combined with McLeod’s hydraulic master cylinder, throwout bearing and high-pressure lines, the Street Twin can provide unmatched pedal sensation and superior performance. Whether you’re looking for a diaphragm or Borg & Beck clutch, McLeod has the Street Twin Clutch Assembly you need!

For more information visit www.mcleodind.com


These McLeod bearings feature CNC machined hard anodized billet aluminum collars, swivel elbow fittings and AN4 steel braided Teflon® inner lines that are rated to 2500 PSI. Combined with McLeod’s External Slave Cylinder, you have the perfect set up for vehicles that need to have the engine removed for clutch or transmission maintenance. Applications include the bolt-on style for GM and Ford vehicles and the slip-on style for Chrysler products. Check with the driveline professionals at McLeod for specific information on your application.

For more information visit www.mcleodind.com


Regardless of the make or model, every American car or truck was delivered with door panels. JUST DASHES is known worldwide for the concours restoration of Fifties, Sixties and Seventies door panels, like these examples from a 1968 Road Runner. JUST DASHES will restore your panels using the correct grain vinyl, replace Mylar trim, re-color hard plastic and return your part in like new condition.

JUST DASHES now offers plastic chrome plating, wood grain replacement, gauge and interior parts repair, as well as the restoration of arm rests, dash pads, consoles, etc.

For additional information contact JUST DASHES, 5941 Lemona Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91411, 800-247-3274, In CA 818-780-9005, Fax: 818-780-9014.


Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. Running low or running out of oil will cause serious and expensive damage to your engine’s vital organs! Those dark spots on your driveway are the first indication of trouble. Your engine is leaking oil, and it can come from several areas, usually caused by a faulty seal.

Now you can stop those pesky and dangerous leaks, without an expensive engine overhaul, using Justice Brothers special purpose ENGINE STOP LEAK additive. STOP LEAK reconditions old, dry crankcase seals, timing chain, valve cover and intake manifold gaskets, restoring their sealing ability. As a result of advanced chemistry, ENGINE STOP LEAK contains no solid material, which could clog oil passages, and is completely harmless to internal engine components. It will keep your oil where it belongs, in your engine!

For more information visit www.justicebrothers.com

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