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Thrush Exhaust, the brand that brought the original muscle car generation the classic red-hot Glasspack mufflers, has added a complete header-back system for the 1970-72 Plymouth Cuda to its ever-growing list of performance exhaust system coverage.

Available now, the all-new, affordable 2.5-in. smooth-bend Thrush header-back exhaust system includes fully aluminized tubing, an H-pipe, and two classic Thrush Turbo™ mufflers. Thrush Turbo mufflers feature a high-flow design with reversible flow chambers, time-tested spun-locked heads and all-aluminized materials.

The new systems also include all necessary hangers, brackets and other hardware.

For more information on Thrush systems, mufflers and accessories, please call 1-734-384-7806 or contact your nearest performance exhaust dealer. For more information on Thrush exhaust systems or mufflers, visit www.thrushexhaust.com or contact your nearest performance exhaust retailer.

PRO-X Powerglide O-Ring Transmission Pan

The TCI Powerglide O-Ring Transmission Pan features an exclusive o-ring seal that makes it easy to achieve a leak-free seal every time, regardless of how flat or uneven the gasket mating surface may be. The durable, 1-piece o-ring can be reused several times, saving the time, hassle, and cost of replacing a gasket every time you need to pull the pan on your Powerglide.

The TCI Powerglide O-Ring Transmission Pan also features the proprietary metallic gray Heat Dissipating Technology coating, which has been proven to reduce transmission operating temperatures by a wide margin over competitor’s coatings. Additional features that help reduce operating temperature and extend transmission life are cooling fins and an additional 2 quarts of fluid capacity over the stock Powerglide pan. Constructed from extra rigid sand-cast aluminum, the TCI Powerglide O-Ring Transmission Pan will also add structural rigidity to your Powerglide case, further strengthening it against the severe load of a high-horsepower drag racing engine. Included with the transmission pan are a reusable o-ring seal, transmission filter and filter spacer, and stainless steel mounting hardware. For more information about the TCI Powerglide O-Ring Transmission Pan, visit them online at www.tciauto.com.

New FAST Dual-Sync Distributors

By offering easy, drop-in installation and precise timing, the new FAST Dual-Sync Distributors are the most user friendly distributors you can buy for high performance street engines utilizing the FAST XFI Fuel Injection System. Equipped with dual, discreet signal pickups, they provide fully sequential EFI operation, and the billet 6061-T6 CNC-machined housing ensures long life.

The FAST Dual-Sync Distributors fit most popular V8 domestic engine applications and drop into the standard factory distributor openings without modification. To install, simply set the engine at TDC, drop-in the distributor and turn the base until the LEDs light-up, and then simply lock it down, and your engine is properly timed. FAST Dual-Sync Distributors come complete with instructions and the proper connector to plug directly into the XFI main harness for plug-and play operation.

In addition, these distributors come standard with heavy-duty cast iron gears; upgraded polymer and bronze gears are also available. For more information about the FAST Dual-Sync Distributors or any other FAST product, visit them online at www.fuelairspark.com. 

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