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Covercraft's custom patterned WeatherShield® car and truck covers are now available in custom colors as well. You can combine Black, Red, Yellow, Bright Blue, Green, Light Blue, Taupe or Gray into the color scheme of your choice. You can have a striking solid color or select two different color panels, one color for the sides and a different color for the top, in whatever combination you want.

WeatherShield® weighs only 5-ounces per square yard, packs into 1/3 the space, and a mid-sized cover or smaller can be washed and dried at home. WeatherShield® provides immediate water dispersion, dries in minutes, is dust proof and UV resistant, and breathes to allow moisture to escape while keeping your vehicle dry and clean.

For more information visit www.covercraft.com.


The fuel system specialists at Quick Fuel Technology have solved that problem with their new 750cfm E85 performance carburetor.
E85 requires more fuel flow then conventional gasoline, so Quick Fuel calibrates the dedicated billet metering blocks (also available as a separate kit, part no. 34-106) and adjusts air bleed sizes and power valve settings at the factory for easy tuning. Special bullet type stainless steel needle and seat assemblies prevent sticking caused by contaminants in the fuel. Since ethanol can deteriorate rubber components, special E85 resistant GFLT accelerator pump diaphragms are used in the carb. The QFT® aluminum fuel bowls are specially coated for corrosion protection, specialty composition floats are alcohol resistant and have a longer stainless steel hinge for improved leverage to close the larger needle and seat. This carburetor is presently available using part no. Q-750-E85.

For more information, visit www.quickfueltechnology.com


These new Powerflow regulators use the same proven design as Professional Products existing regulators, featuring easy adjustability, polished stainless brackets and hardware, and integrated pressure gauge ports. What makes them special is their new integrated return line ports which allow you to use the stock in-tank fuel pump. Simply connect your stock fuel feed line to any of the 3/8-inch NPT inlet/outlet ports, connect your stock return line to the 3/8-inch NPT return port, plumb to your carburetor and you are ready to go. This Professional Products bypass regulator provides between 4.5 and 9-PSI to the carb while returning unused fuel to the tank to prevent pump damage.

For more information, visit www.professional-products.com


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