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Justice Brother’s AC-Clean is specially formulated to kill bacteria such as mold, mildew and other odor-producing organisms that grow in your evaporator core and housing.

In addition to the odor, the presence of bacteria poses actual health risks and has been known to cause headaches and flu like symptoms commonly referred to as “Sick Car Syndrome.”

AC-Clean is atomized via aerosol, and offers 5.5 ounces of odor neutralizing power. Treatment of your car or truck’s air conditioning system takes only seconds and requires no tools or disassembly of your AC system.

For more information visit www.justicebrothers.com.


JUST DASHES can restore the complete interiors (including multi-color door panels) of all the Sixties MoPar’s to concours condition, just like the ’63 Fury two-piece dash pad shown here.

Finished in the correct Coachman grain vinyl and original factory color, this dash and instrument hood will fit perfectly back into your car. After rebuilding the sub-surface foam, a new skin of state-of-the-art vinyl is vacuum formed onto the part and then hand finished to perfection.

To find out more, visit www.justdashes.com.


Unlike most fuel injection conversions, which require dozens of parts including a new intake manifold, the V-Force system is an all-inclusive fuel injection solution that integrates cutting edge Wilson airflow technology and turnkey EFI reliability in one slick-looking package.

Wilson Manifolds' engineers developed the V-Force high-flow throttle body using the latest computer modeling software to produce a design that yields maximum flow per square inch of cross-sectional area. Eight fuel injector bosses (injectors ranging from 30-lb/hr to 160-lb/hr available separately) are designed to introduce fuel into the air stream for maximum atomization, and custom Wilson billet fuel rails and stanchions make installation a snap. The V-Force EFI features a standard 4150-style flange, so it will work on all popular 4-barrel intake manifolds.

For more information visit them at: www.wilsonmanifolds.com

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