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They can restore center consoles, from almost any make and model vehicle, back to concours condition, including the compartment doors and metal trim parts. Plastic chrome plating and woodgrain trim replacement is also available. It your console is vinyl covered, it will be restored in the correct vinyl grain and factory color.

JUST DASHES can also reinforce the current flimsy plastic reproduction consoles by adding a foam base and new exterior vinyl skin. In most cases, cracked plastic or even missing pieces can be replaced or repaired by JUST DASHES craftsmen. JUST DASHES now offers instrument cluster and gauge refurbishment, which includes console-mounted vacuum gauges or clocks. Check out all their interior restoration services and products at www.justdashes.com.


Now Wilson Manifolds has added a full range of elbows to its lineup covering everything from 90-105mm throttle bodies.

Now Wilson Manifolds is offering a fully CNC-machined billet elbow that arcs from a 4500-series Dominator-style flange on one end to a 105mm throttle body opening on the other. The elbow incorporates a computer-optimized transition from the throttle body to the intake manifold plenum for maximum power and optimum airflow distribution.

For more information visit them at: www.wilsonmanifolds.com



Based on RetroTek’s unique, award-winning technology, the Smart Shift system consists of three major components: the backlit billet keypad, a cutting-edge main controller, and the compact actuator.

Finally, the custom actuator was designed by RetroTek to work with over 20 domestic transmissions. The actuator is extremely durable, and shifts are perfectly timed and in-synch with the trans. All mounting hardware is included, and a simple pan-rail design allows for two-bolt installation. The compact Smart Shift system is also compatible with the heavy-duty gear boxes and transfer cases found in off-road racing and rock-crawling, and Smart Shifts have been installed in several pre-runner and trophy endurance race trucks. 

For more information email retrotekspeed@sbcglobal.net, or contact them at RetroTek Speed, 469 Harrison St. Unit E, Corona, CA 92879, or call 951-737-2006.

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