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Made in the USA, using state-of-the-art ABS plastic, which is practically impervious to UV rays and extreme heat, JUST DASHES is manufacturing these replacement grilles to finish your E-body interior restoration. Since usable originals are increasingly impossible to find, these replacement grills are the answer to a nagging problem. They will fit perfectly, provided your dash pad is not warped or otherwise damaged, and if you no longer have the correct mounting screws JUST DASHES can provide them.

Check out these concours quality replacement E-body grilles and all their other Mopar restoration parts and services at www.justdashes.com.


Baer Claw ® introduces EXTREME-PLUS brake systems for the Chrysler 300C, Dodge Magnum Hemi and Charger. Featuring the world’s only road-going, forged 6-piston MonoBlock calipers coupled with eye-dazzling 15`` cross-drilled, slotted and zinc-washed rotors, the EXTREME-PLUS system is equally appropriate for use on both street and track.

The key to the EXTREME-PLUS system’s outstanding performance lies in its calipers. Manufactured completely in-house from a single chunk of forged aluminum alloy, they are nothing short of world class. Baer’s 6-piston MonoBlock calipers feature an excellent combination of stiffness and fatigue life with minimum weight. Although race calipers by design, they navigate the streets with ease. All EXTREME-PLUS systems include these 6-piston MonoBlock calipers at prices that flat out smoke the competition, bringing race technology to the streets without compromising a thing.

For more information visit www.Baer.com.


Powerhouse® Products Heavy-Duty Manual Spring Compressor features a welded steel, box-tubing frame and utilizes an over-center type clamping device that can compress any valve spring.

Innovatively designed for pro engine builders, the Powerhouse® Heavy-Duty Manual Valve Spring Compressor features a compressor arm which slides up and down, allowing a full range of adjustment. A quick release locking pin is used for speed and ease of use. As an added bonus, this unique spring compressor can be purchased with an optional base, which holds the unit upright so the compressor can be used in conjunction with a mini spring tester.

For more information visit us online at www.powerhouseproducts.com.


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