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Stunkard has written now about Jenkins' MOPAR history. He, like most, neglected Bill's tenure tuning a Dodge for Bud Faubel. Take off those silly sunglasses Stunkard, and see where you are going.

Norman Hechtkoff
In the hills with a functioning memory

Norman, Grumpy’s career encompassed so much history that it would take an encyclopedia to include everything; we had put a few column inches.

Your move, Jim

Not to pick on Alex, but once this BS with Fontana is over (and I’m still alive). I would love to do a few passes with her. Would be interesting to get my old school Dart wagon against the mighty Hemi of hers, just for the fun of it...

Jim Power
Fontana, California

Jim, knowing Alex, we guarantee you that she’s in! She just loves to race and if there’s an excuse to do it, so much the better. How about Irwindale since that’s open again?

Your google-fu is strong

I was curious if that e-body salvage yard was still in business. What I would like to do is get a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda/Cuda body and go to town on it fixing it the way I want with new technology and old style.


Ed. – Sounds like a fun project. Google and Bing are a good start, and make sure you attend all the Mopar shows you can in person and talk to people. Most of the best leads to cars and parts come from people who know a person who knows a guy…


I am trying to research a 1963 Max Wedge Belvedere VIN# 3231130981. I have heard stories, then have read some things and seem to be going in circles. Wanting to sell, and need correct info.

It has 13.5:1 engine, T-85 3 speed. Info I have is eighteen were made, some with automatics, some with 11:1 engines, and only two have T-85s? Any help pointing me in a direction to find out solid info on this car will be appreciated.


Chrysler Group LLC - Historical Services
12501 Chrysler Fwy.
CIMS 410-11-21
Detroit, MI 48288 USA
ATTN: Historical Information

Fax: 313-252-2928

Don Homad
Mead, Washington

There were two transmissions for the 1963 Max Wedge cars, the T-85 3-speed manual and theA-727 Torqueflite 3-speed automati. For specific information about your car, your best bet is to start with the horse’s mouth, the Chrysler Historical Services group. Contact them and ask them for the procedure to request your build sheet and answers to your questions.