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Toys for all!

On the Mags Likes Toys, Right? Thinh. I haven’t seen this one, but I have two of the Dodge Scat Pack, from I think 1970-71. One has a three caution light, one green and one red light, with a timer. The other has a steel marble; the lights can have a red light. The other just goes on when it settles. They have three or more sections each, you have shifters, 4-speeds, one each for each section, then a shutoff and catch. I’m going to set it up someday, would like to get another, haven’t run them in years! Is there any place that sells either? Thanks!

Ken Beck
Houston, Texas

Ken, if you’re looking for old toys, your best bet is probably going to be sites like eBay or craigslist, and of course such old standbys as garage/yard sales and consignment stores. To be sure, there are toy collector websites that you could look for, but that’s something a bit of rudimentary Google-fu will find quickly enough.


G'Day. I live in Australia. It is hard to get parts for Hemi engines here. I have a ‘50 Plymouth and I am going to put a 354 or 392 Hemi in. But how do I get them? Can you help?

Mick Quin

Hey Mick. Seems like this is a case where you’d want to try and get in contact with a local Mopar club, make some connections. Alternately, you might try  


Hi there sir, I am in need of any parts for a 1991/1992 Dodge Shadow; 2.5L exhaust headers, hatchback shocks/struts, suspension all around. I have been searching with no luck. I am trying to fix up my car enough to beat these foreign cars and some Mustangs just to shut them up or to see their mouths drop. Thanks.

Jeff Cagle
Longview, Texas

As seems to be the case for half the letters we gat anymore, Google is your friend. There are countless parts retailers that call the ‘net home, and that’s assuming that the boneyards and parts houses around you can’t come through.