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Close Encounters with Big Daddy

I look forward to every issue of Mopar Max!

I loved Steve's article and the photos of his visit to the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing. Don is a personal friend of mine and I know what a fascinating multi-faceted person he is. He is a pack rat for sure and you better believe the entire inventory is in his head and he knows just what he has and where it is!

We have discussed UFOs on our road trips and shared experiences concerning them. They are real! Big Daddy knows a "high performance machine" when he sees one!

Keep up the good work.

Patrick Fogel
Floral City, Florida

Mags likes toys, right?

Steve, check this out.

Not too far from you and I have never seen one.  Heck is that petty blue too.

Just thought it was too cool, heck would make a nice article too.

Have a nice summer.

Christopher Crowley

Editor's note - Chris is referring to a since-expired Craigslist posting. Too late to act on it for anyone interested, but far too interesting not to show.