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Question: I have a ‘74 Duster with a mildly modified 440/727/8.75 drag racing in Pro Class here in Indiana. 

Race track rules say I am not allowed to run antifreeze (too hard to clean up if spilled), so I run water and water-wetter additive. Now I am seeing rust in the water. I have flushed it several times, but it still is there and I worry that it will ruin my radiator.

Is there any way I can deal with this without constant flushing?

Shane D. Toomay
Kokomo, Indiana

Shane, given that radiator cores are generally either brass or aluminum (two metals notable for their complete inability to rust), the rust you're seeing is almost certainly coming from the cast iron water jackets of your engine block. Given that, there's no real damage that it can do to your radiator core. You'll want to flush it occasionally, but hardly every week. As for your water wetter additive, you'll want to make sure it's not something that can coat your coolant lines, as that can inhibit the water's ability to cool the engine, and can even cause it to run hotter.


I love that this Magazine is all about Mopar. I get tired of looking through other mags to only find Ford/Chevy articles with a Mopar one in there every other month.

Brian D. Cannon


Would like to know if you would do a story on the Pacers Auto AA/A. The car was originally out of Ocanside NY. The car set numerous records back in the early and mid ‘60s. The car sports a 392 Hemi in a 23T Body with a Funny car chassis. 

The driver of the original car is the only driver in NHRA history to win a Double Up. George drove the AA/FA to the win in Competition Eliminator and then jumped into their AAFD and won Top Eliminator. Same day, same track, one driver. 

Jerry Joaquin
Glendale, Arizona

Jerry, we can’t make any promises, but we’ll toss that one in the hopper for potential stories in the future.