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I have a 1978 Dodge truck. I put a set of Dyno-Max ceramic coat headers about twelve years ago... but they are now showing age. I want to replace them but found Dyno-Max no longer makes the 86033 ceramic header. Do you have any suggestions on a replacement?

William Kirby
Richmond, Virginia

Kevin Thompson responds: Hello Mr. Kirby, Since you don't mention which engine you have, I am going to go with small block 318/360. 

Now, here is the good news: Hooker has a part number, 5902-1HKR that they claim fits '72 to '93, 1/2 and 3/4 ton pickups, as well as '74-'93 Ramchargers and Traildusters. (Anybody seen a Trailduster lately?) The collector is a 2.5" OD and the primary tubes are nicely sized for street applications at 1.625". These are metallic, ceramic coated and seem to be the way to go. If you are running a 440 you need part number 5905HKR. These only come in black paint, according to the website, so you would need to send them out for coating. Generally, trucks have much more room than say, a '66 'Cuda, so fitment is not a total crisis, but it is crucial. It is always best to do as much research as possible before spending hard earned cash.

I hope this helps you out. - KT and Momax


I have never been to your page before but I'll be back. Mopars rule!

David Skaggs
Merced, California


MoparMax, I purchsed a World Products aluminum block. You are who I am going to start with.

Dwayne Morrison
Excelsior Springs, Missouri

Jok Nicholson responds: Dwayne, everything I know I put in the articles I did, especially the Project 4-Link and Project 572 articles. Check out our Tech Archives for more, circa ’08. Here, here, here, here, here, here, andhere. And as always, the first step on any engine project is to take your block to a professional machine shop for all the prep work. Saving a few dollars here is NOT worth the risk of screwing it up.


I have several Mopars at this time. The earliest is a ‘63 Dart, I have five ‘64 Dodges,
and two ‘65 Dodge Coronets, one being a wagon.

Bill Jarrett
Southern Missouri