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Excellent. Keep up the nice work.

Paul Bagatta
Mahopac, New York


Hello, are there more pictures from the shoot at Lyons Dragway? I know a guy with a Hayden Proffitt ‘64 Race Hemi and he believes his car was there that day as well.



I've been searching for information on Jack Sharkey of Rampage fame. I would love to find some original photos of his cars (particularly his 1963 Plymouth) and need help finding same.

I have a couple of photos of his Rampage Dart (which I took at his home) and one of his Plymouth that needed some severe touching up due to water damage.

Is there anything you can do to assist me in my quest, and would you like copies of the photos I have to include in a future publication?


Bob Stock

A Numbers racket

With all due respect, the current annual registration for my 1969 Road Runner is $28.75, plus, if I remember correctly, another yearly MTA surcharge of $25.00. A total of $53.75 to subsidize MTA.

I used my classic 2x last year, I use and pay full fare to ride the buses.

If you wish not to pay, you may just walk in the front or rear doors for free! I cannot do this as I am fighting for my NYC pension after 32 years of dedicated service! If I get busted, I may lose my pension! 

Al Lindenberg
Bronx, New York