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Is MM Hibernating?

There seems to be an abundance of seriously dated articles over the last six months or so. Some that are still displayed are as old as Oct. of last year and only two or three new submissions last month. Are you short on input or just really selective?

Patrick Joseph McInnis
Nelson, British Columbia

Much like the ferocious Grizzly Bear, the noble Ground Squirrel, and our own editor-in-chief, the grumpy Burkster, Mopar Max goes into a partial state of suspended animation during the long cold winter months. Careful! Don’t wake it up early or it might tear your face off! Plus, the weather’s been, like, really cold and stuff, and really, who wants to drive to work like this? But we’re back baby, and (hopefully) better than ever. Didja miss us?

Space the brakes

Steve - I have lots of admiration for your work.  As the reigning expert on Mopar Match bash cars I have a quick question for you and am very appreciative if you have the time to answer.

I have ssbc front discs on my ‘65 dart.  Am looking to put on a pair of 1966 date coded 15X4 Cragar S/S wheels on the car but am having issues clearing the caliper.

Is it safe in your opinion to use a spacer? Or is there another solution? 

Thanks very much for your time. Your book on altered wheelbase vehicles is going to be the template for how I spend my retirement. Thanks again.

Matthew Birnbaum

Mags responds: Hello, those early 15x4 Cragar S/S rims are a perfect touch for your Dart. The use of wheel spacers is nothing new and for all but the most extreme applications (Formula One, Top Fuel, Daytona 500) I'd say they're safe. BUT, do know that they'll make your front wheel-tire combo stick out in the wind more than stock, Good or bad? Usually bad. But that's merely an aesthetic issue (which I admit to viewing as more important than functional). I'd say skip the SSB brakes and go with the big-bolt-circle disc brake setup from any 1974-up A-body. Then again, if you've already got the SSB system in hand, explore the option of making a VERY LIGHY clearancing cut on the offending area of the caliper. Don't go too far and sacrifice the strength of the caliper, but you might find a "dusting" is all it takes. Hope this helps.