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2009 was a very good year

My friend is the Div. 4 Tech Director for NHRA. His name is Chuck Nelson. He has your 2009 screen saver on his computer. Is there any way that I can get it as well? I LOVE IT! It is awesome!

Nate Smith
Paris, Texas

Nate, your wish is our demand. Click on through to and peruse all of our previous screensavers to your heart’s content. All of them are available to download for free, and we think you’ll agree that free is a hard price to beat.

Prove It!

If y’all ever come down this way, I would like y’all to VIN my ‘69 Dart, and PROVE to the Chevy world my Dart still has the original motor in it. It has seen lots of win lights in my five decades of racing!


Chip Horton
Jessup, Georgia