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Some information and a question

HI Steve, Mike Andrusiewicz from South Brunswick HS here in central NJ.

After much angst I've been dragged back to 1965 for the Coronet HT build. I bought the DVD from Dale and yourself last year, and have been using as a recruiting tool with the kids.  Many of them are psyched! The ricer crowd? They'll be time to convert. We will be starting up in early Sept. I've got an arm injury that will slow us in Sept, but we'll just have to work that much faster.

I've sent a few emails to Dale, and he put me in touch with his friend Tom Lynch here in NJ. I met up with Tom at school last week, and he sold us a complete A100 front axle assy, cementing our future. The front end was the reason we might not have taken on this project.

I must say at this point that Gary Gerard (another GREAT guy) was going to help us with a front K frame move, if we went in that direction. He was ready to pitch in and help. Unfortunately, my budget (or lack thereof) forced us to shelve the K frame move. Again, Tom showing up with an A100 axle changed things.

I feel we are now committed to building a 1965 Coronet AFX car. 15/10 move with an A100 cross-steer front end. We have a 440, built ready to go, but its only tweaked somewhat better than stock.

Something will have to be done in the looks dept. to look the part: either cross-ram or Hillborn -- or even the Hillborn look-alike air filter (I know; cringe). The 727 Auto WAS planned, but Jamie Passon is going to give us a good deal on a 4 spd. Performance? I would only think the 440 will push it down the track at mid-low 12s. Good enough not to commit to a roll cage at this point.

Who knows, if time allows, we'll cage it while it’s apart in case we find a Hemi somewhere down the line!

Our HS graphic teacher is on board with doing the graphics for the car. I figure a matte black paint scheme with total retro-graphics (vinyl... but that's what we have to work with). We are the South Brunswick Vikings, so the name would play off of that. 

Ultimately, if all works out, we'll go racing with the kids at E-town the end of June. Unfortunately, we won't be able to have a kid drive, so we'll have a driver named later.

Dale agreed to give us technical help, as much as possible from the left coast. Tom said he'll help as much as possible. Graphics are lined up. A local paint shop who has been great help will certainly do the spray work... leaving us the mechanics. Hopefully we'll go from beater to race car in eight months. Maybe we can get some press during the build as we go?