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There has been a Magneto sighting

Steve, been waiting for your monthly column.... Where are you?


Your loyal fan,

Ed Burns

Ed note: Ed check out the current issue for more from Stevie Mags

Chevy parts into a Mopar… heresy!

I have been collecting parts to install a T56 from a ‘98 Camaro into my ‘70 Challenger with a Hemi. Do you have any info on the conversion from the 727 auto trans?

Curtis Shaffer

Can a reader help this troubled young man?

If you are going to be wrong, might as well do  it right

Your lead story about Jeg's new Challenger Drag Pak shows that someone did not bother to find out what these cars are about. The comment that the car is anywhere near race-ready from the factory shows no knowledge of the program or the cars. The Drag Pak is delivered as basically a body on wheels and is not operable in any way. Owners are spending hundreds of hours and many thousands of dollars to prepare the cars, as they are a do-it-yourself-kit as delivered.

Jim Schild
Author - Authenticity Guide-2009 Challenger LC22R Drag Pak
Authenticity Guide-1964 Dodge & plymouth Hemi Super Stock
Authenticity Guide-1965 Dodge & Plymouth Hemi Super Stock
Authenticity Guide 1968 Dart & Barracuda Hemi Super Stock
Proving Ground-A History of Dodge, Chrysler & Plymouth Racing
Maximum Performance-Mopar Super Stock Drag Racing-1962-1969
Columbia, Illinois

How can you even consider these cars "Basically Race Ready?" It has taken over 600 hours to complete these cars. You are badly mistaken in that statement and that's a slap in the face to all the Drag Pak owners who are working to get their cars done. 

Mack Reeves

Ed Note: We definitely “screwed the pooch” on this one. A little less attention to the PR propaganda and a little more real research was called for in this instance.