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Still a mystery car

Where are there details about the way cool Mopar red custom at the Mooneyes show? Mopar Collector's Guide put it on their cover but did not identify it either...


Bob Severin
San Jose, California

Our photographer didn’t have any info on the car. Guess he wasn’t alone in that failure. Sorry.

Resto versus clone


Like everything else he does, has to be the center of attention! How can a car be 'restored' to have options it never had?

It is a CLONE!

Sorry, Tony, you have been caught again...

Ed Johnson
New York

Needs a little shifter help

I have a Hurst Comp. Plus on my 64 Dodge Polara w/ 426W. I had it rebuilt by Hurst over five years ago. It's been driven less than 500 miles since 2007. It shifts good normally, but when I want to lay the wood from a stop and have a hard 2-3 shift it locks in the neutral gate when there is a large amount of torque applied.

I've been searching for a good rebuilder. Is there a beast and worst case scenario price?

Thanks for your time.

George Smith
Omaha, Nebraska

A popular choice

Hello, my name’s Haitham, but I go by Steve. I’m a 27-year-old engineer living in southern California. I’m currently building what will be a unique 1968 resto-mod blown big block Charger. It’s about a month from completion, and 6 months into the build. It is going to be a beautiful car and I thought it would be magazine worthy so I decided to write to the more popular magazines.

Haitham Sghayer
Southern California

Steve, send some photos and we’ll be in touch.