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Magnante forever!

Been reading Steve Magnante for a long time. One of his early '90s articles that comes to mind is "Things that go bang in the Dart" (I believe while he was assoc. editor at Chrysler Power Magazine). I can't forget that article because it took me back to 1970 and my 318 powered Dart GT. That rear did go bang.

I figured to hell with the warranty, as I had future plans for that car that didn't include a 318. I set out for the junkyard (really were no other words for them at the time), where I scored an almost brand spanking new complete drum-to-drum 8 3/4 rear axle assembly (totaled 340 Duster) with 3.91 ratio and sure grip. Price was $110 (ah, the good ol' days)!

I hope Steve keeps writing for a long time. I remember an article he wrote regarding the writing style of Roger Huntington. Back in the day I couldn't wait to read what Roger wrote next. Magnante also has a style that always made for the same comfortable type of reading.

Thanks, Steve, for many good hours of reading.

Ron Strack
Southern tier of Western New York State

Another Magnante fan

Hi! What a nice story!

Is that one of the original Dart Chargers? They had special badges on the front fenders and on the right side of the glove box door. I'm running a register on these cars and would love to get a readable picture of the fendertag and I will decode the cars for you. Thanks.

Ulf Andersson
Tavelsjo, Sweden

Mike, contact us again

Hello, my name is Derek and I think I may have an original Sox and Martin car. After looking at photos taken by Mike Galewski I was wondering if he might help me with the situation.

Derek Beauchemin
Millbury, Massachusetts

Charging to the past

Re: Della Woods’ Charger

This is a real piece of work. It is unbelievably original. Virtually perfect! I actually got to see Della drive this car a couple of times.

Great job guys, thanks for the memories...

Tony Carter
Lake Havasu City, Arizona