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You’re welcome

Just wanted to say thanks for putting my car in your magazine, Mopar Max Vol 10. I have the orange Challenger in the Monster Mopar article. She's my pride and joy of almost 41 years.

Again, thank you.

Charlie “Mopar Chas” Barbaglia
High Ridge MO

Well, he should know

Richard Nedbal is the 2010 NHRA Division-7 Super-Pro Champion and runs an EFI pump gas HEMI in his Landshark dragster.

I can provide details if you want.

Richard Nedbal
Sonora, California

Yeah, but we’re not telling

Hi, I’m Alan Stanger, 22, and I’m restoring a ‘66 Barracuda fastback and I need parts: a grill, good left right fenders, back left fender, back bumper, front bumper, seats, and all chrome parts. Do you know where I should look?

Alan Stanger
Nespelem, Washington

Anybody got some parts lying around or know a good source for Alan?

Everyone's a critic

What I don't understand is why would your magazine do a story about Mopars at Bristol Dragway and use a picture of a car [BLACK DART] that didn't even compete in any class, just ran test runs! Us racers ran the hell out of our cars and competed all weekend!

Mark Arnold
Abingdon, Virgnia

Mark, it all boils down to what we had good pictures of. While we strive to provide the best photography possible, design constraints sometimes impact our choices. Frankly, that was the only decent action shot we had of the event, so that's what got on the first page. We can't have our limited number of photographers at every event,a nd in this case, we had to rely on the photographs taken by the track personnel. We did the best we could with what we have.