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Hmmm…we’re going to have to check those old issues of Playboy

Hi: Just read the piece on the use of "super stock' in Motor Life Magazine

Brought back memories! I was Detroit Editor of Motor Life at the time, from 1955-59 when I left to join Popular Science. Not sure if I wrote the description in question, but it's possible. Don Werner was editor then & may have written it, too.

I drove a '57 Fury to Daytona in Feb. 1957 & ran it on the beach. Didn't match the 124 mph speed of the '56 model mentioned, but my Fury was more stock & less modified, plus the beach was very rough & I was in the air about 30% of the time. :)

I had a long association with the car industry, from Oct. from working on assembly lines, to working on a labor paper (1947-49), when I worked on a labor paper, editor of publications & speech writer for Earle S. MacPherson at the then-new Ford Research & Engineering Center, Motor Life & Popular Science, doing PR & ads for Dodge & Autolite at BBDO ad agency, rejoining Petersen (publisher of Motor Life) for ten years in 1966 as editor of Wheels Afield, an RV & camping mag. I also freelanced for Das Auto, Mechanix Illustrated, Playboy (under a pen name, Frank Munro), Swiss Auto Review, Motor Trend, Hot Rod, Detroit News & many others on car subjects. I covered the Indy 500 thirteen times & many NASCAR, NHRA & AHRA events over the years.

I'm 83 but still writing (mostly art & political subjects), doing photography & have become a digital artist. Because of my age & the fact that I'm among the few of that vintage creating contemporary digital art I've come to be known as the “Grandpa Moses of the Cyber Age."

But it still revs my engine to recall the thirty years when I was so involved in cars - and Detroit was the center of the auto universe. Loved those great days!

I was always a big Mopar Man. My dad was head yardmaster at the old Dodge Main plant for many years. I worked summer at Dodge Main & Chrysler Highland Park while going to college (Un. of Detroit) I had a great time doing performance ads for Dodge while at BBDO (1962-66) when Hemis ruled. While editor of Wheels Afield, I used my '66 Dodge Coronet as a project tow car, modified for low-end torque rather than high rpm horsepower. Fooled a lot of people on the streets of L.A. because it looked plain-Jane stock but packed a lot of punch leaving stop lights! :) 

Ken Fermoyle
Woodland Hills, California