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Ramchargers are go

Great Ramcharger article Steve. I too was a Ramchargers "nut". I got into the frenzy around '70 when the late great Leroy Goldstein put the Ramchargers Challenger (AAFC)  into the sixes first. So glad to see you write that you could not find mistakes in the book. In the past I have purchased many books, I won't mention authors, that were full of mistakes. Just wonder if the authors ever have an outsider edit these books before publishing them. Forty bucks is steep for me, hell I can't even afford a tank of gas, so I will have to take your word that the book was fantastic. Thanks for a great story about a great team, the Ramchargers.

Mark Elms
Everton, Missouri

It's a mystery

Hi Steve. If you got the 2009 Wagons of Steel calendar you would see that 12/12 is "Ramcharger" day. I honestly can't remember why.  I liked the story. Send me your snail mail address and I'll send you some cool swag.

Chris Barnes
Wagons of Steel

Where are the mopars?

I just attended the PSCA Event at 'The Strip.' To my dismay MOPAR didn't show up? Why aren't MOPARS successful in this very rapidly rising segment of our sport? I'm 66 and go waaaaay back... to LADS in Long Beach! I love this sport and am very concerned about the LACK of competitiveness of MOPARS in most of the competition(s).

BTW-Your publication is one of the BEST! I look forward to it. I look forward to your response.

Nick Mangeris
Berthoud, Colorado

We can only hope

Hi, just been reading all about that SS/HA. Sure wish I was there. Think they can drop into the 7s?

Thank you.

Charles Rice

Back to basics

Hi Jok, I am new to the sport of drag racing. I caught a Pinks All Out half way through the show and I found myself glued to that show. I watched a car win a race but did not understand why Pinks All Out disqualified it because "it ran too fast". I Googled for an explanation and found your writeup and explanation for running too fast in the cluster. Thanks for taking the time to write about why you can lose a race by "running too fast". I enjoy watching Pinks All Out a lot better now that I understand. Count me in as a Pinks All Out fan now!

Toronto, Canada