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Yes, we made a typo

You ran a photo of a new Challenger racing and older 'Cuda, but the caption read, "In an old-versus-new battle, the old Hemi-powered Challenger got down the quarter mile in 13.30 seconds while the new one took 13.50 seconds. Yes!"  The yellow 'Cuda pictured wasn't a Challenger!

Patrick Clement
Greenfield, Wisconsin

A Hemi by any other name?

Love the website. It's great to have an all Mopar magazine style web page to go to. I am very interested in Mopar racing combinations that people run. Unfortunately, Chris Rini's Avenger runs a Sonny's Chevy-Hemi (Semi-Hemi), not a Mopar Hemi. This is just an FYI and thought you all would want to know.

Nixa, Missouri

Looking for dollars or parts

I'm restoring a 1980 Dodge Powerwagon. Been trying to see who to contact about getting sponsored. Just thought it would easy to restore a classic with a little help. I've already started by taking the whole body off the frame. Now I'm going to redo everything from top to bottom. Like I said, it's a 1980 Dodge Powerwagon Stepside 4x4, one of Mopar's best creations. Just little things to help get this beauty on the road.

Carl Turner
Philipsburg, Pennsylvania

Pitching a story idea

I have just read your magazine and found it to be great! But I think that if you were to do an article on High Horse Performance out of Newark, Delaware, you would find the guy who started this entire R&D on the east coast that people are not taking credit for. I request with all respect that you take a chance and come and see what this guys Josh does with these new Mopars! Thank you.

Claude Lacombe