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Anybody else have problems?

Hi, I recently came across your website showing a few tips on installing rear 1969 Dodge Charger quarter skins.

I read that the quarter skins, from the GoodMark Company, had a good fitting. However, some buyers of the ‘69 Charger quarter skins reported problems w/ their fitting.

Just out of curiosity, if I may ask please, did you experience any difficulty getting them to fit properly on your Chargers? If so, what were they and how did you modify them in order to get a great fitting into the door-jambs and onto the lower rear valance/end-caps?

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Aaron E. Dunn

This ‘bird came home to roost

Hi guys, was impressed by your story on Greg Mosley. Even more impressed to see that Greg owns my Superbird featured in your article. I would love to fill Greg in on some of the TV coverage and history of the car, if you would like to give him my email or phone number. I restored the 19,000 mile car which is one of the most original birds other than paint in the world. The car has been on AZ TV, Speed three times, BC TV and San Francisco TV, and has been in several magazines. I sold the car in 2003 at Barrett Jackson, a broker then sold it to Greg.

Garry Keay
Chilliwack, British Columbia

Finding a lost love

Hello, can you provide me location and contact information for the Mosley's museum?

I'd enjoy meeting them and checking out the Hawaiian I built for Roland when I was at Logghe's.


Jay Howell
Vero Beach, Florida