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One letter, two messages

That's a nice looking square you got there Steve! I've always had a soft spot for the ‘53-‘54 Chryslers myself. Great story, keep 'em coming.

Kevin: Well written and to the point. Thanks.

Earl Ludington
Ingersoll, Ontario


Hi Mr. Magnante,

My name is Alexandre Garcia and I’m writing from Brazil, just to let you know that I do really appreciate the way you write and share your knowledge with others. Would like to tell you a big thanks, and to also let you know that reading much from you helped me a lot to make a bunch of cool things down here. Thank you, man!

Best regards,

Alexandre Garcia

Vintage Engineering, part 1

Steve, attached is a piece that I think should be run in Mopar Max. In my opinion Vintage Engineering should be run out of business. The hobby doesn't need any lying sons-of-bitches. Steve, I do not feel you are to blame in any way. My beef is only with Vintage. You were lucky that your transaction went well. Mopar Max should acknowledge that there are now two opinions of Ray Franklin.

Your friend,

Pete Haldiman

Pete Speaks on Steve’s Real Mags
by Pete Haldiman   June 25, 2009

Awhile back a friend alerted me that someone was reproducing American-style magnesium wheels in the 15” X 4” size I need for my 1964 Hemi Dodge.  Since my friend also could use these wheels, my suggestion was that he buy some and if they look good, I’ll make a purchase. Neither of us was willing to stick our neck out. A little later a truly amazing thing happened. Our beloved Mopar scribe, Steve Magnante, did a glowing product review of the magnesium wheels in the May issue of Mopar Max.