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Mags’ wheels

Just got through reading (Steve Magnante’s) latest article in Mopar Max about the new mag wheels. Interesting stuff! At first I was a little annoyed that they were available since I thought it might de-value my originals a little! But it's all good, there's no mistaking the real deal and it's good that an 'affordable' replica is being made.

I bought my set several years back for around a grand. I feel like they could be worth more than $2K now. I didn't buy them as investment though, they were purchased for a '65 Bel I car I had. I definitely wanted the 'correct' wheel and felt like they were a worthwhile investment towards 'the look'. I since sold the car before completing it. I did however in a moment of serious brain fade offer the wheels to the buyer at a very cheap price.

Surprisingly, he declined. He kind of said 'Aww, pshaw, I'll just get the 'Torque Trusts' as he called them. I just kind of nodded in agreement and thought, 'Oh well, another car ruined by poor wheel choice'!

I actually had them checked for cracks a few years ago by an old speed shop in Queens, NY called S&S Speed. They used pink dye penetrant because of the magnesium. They checked out OK.

Unfortunately, they're now in a box, sealed up in plastic bags, coated with WD40. Hope I can get them on another car one day, they just wouldn't look right on my current project, a '71 Dart. I got a set of Fenton Gyro front runners for that!

Anyway, thanks for a good read, I always enjoy reading your articles.


Greg Casden
Long Island, New York

Good question

Do you know if Mopar will be hosting the Big Block party in Golden, Colorado, the Thursday night before the Mopar Mile High Nationals again?


We’re checking, but haven’t heard back yet. We’ll have a Mopar Memo on the subject as soon as we know.