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‘Rumble’ at the Strip

We had a great time at Mopars at the Strip taking first in my class with an ‘04 Rumble bee and taking part in the show at the Cannery. I was lucky enough to get Chip Foose to autograph my dash while there. Just a great trip all around.

Here is a link to the pictures we took out there.


Thanks for your time,

Roger Owens
Montgomery, Illinois

He’s done some T-85 research

Just read (Steve Magnante’s) article "Crazy Old Stuff" which I enjoyed. He mentioned the T-85 3 speed removed from the '63 Chrysler Newport, and wanted to know if they were the same for the Max Wedge.

No, they are not the same, for several reasons. First, the gear ratio for the T-85 Max Wedge 3-speed is specific to the Max Wedge. The Max Wedge T-85 has a close ratio first and second gear (2.10 1st and 1.44 2nd) as opposed to a standard T-85, which had a wider ratio. Secondly, the output shaft flange, although ball and trunion, is larger on the C-body and does not mate to the Max Wedge driveshaft. And lastly, the
C- body transmission mount is different. It has the larger bolt spacing and therefore will not fit the B-body transmission mount.

I know this because I purchased a C-body T-85 for my '63 Max Wedge (an original T-85 car). It wouldn't bolt into my car so I researched all the T-85 info I could get my hands on. 

Hope this helps....


Marty Franklin

Some flowery praise

Guys, I really love this Mopar Max! You have a wonderful team. I will be sending you photos of my Demon inspired by old friend, Billy Stepp. Thanks for your interest and keep up the good work.

Patrick Fogel
Floral City, Florida

Getting wired again

Great publication. I was following your dragster rewiring project, but can't seem to find the last few articles.

Thank you.

Detroit, Michigan

Greg, we believe you’re referring to a one-time article by Jok Nicholson. It’s available here. Jok has written many tech articles for Mopar Max, so just type his name into our “Search” box at the top right of the Table of Contents to see what else you might be interested in reading.