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Keep it simple, Magnante

It’s good to see that Steve got something nearly as simple as a Model T. Keep up the great work guys!

Jared Carlston
Portland, Oregon

A potential car feature

I own a factory 1950 Dodge Coronet with a d34 Flathead Six motor and a gyromatic trans. I also own a 1952 Plymouth Cranbrook Club Coupe with the Powerflow flathead six motor and a factory three on the tree manual trans. It seems to me people have forgotten the cars I own. I never see anything posted about this kind of stuff.

Where do I sign up so I can show off my cars and inform people about the history of Mopar cars? Thanks.

Rich Furler
Stanhope, New Jersey

Mopar Max is free. If you want to sign up for our RSS feeds to tell you when new Mopar Memos are posted or each new monthly issue goes up, just go to the bottom of the Table of Contents. Of course, if you really want to show your car to the world, take a look at the newest site in the family, Not only can you post pictures and stories about your car, but you can see others' cars too!

We even look good in the antipodes

Hi! Just opened my third copy. Great to see such quality. We live in Australia and enjoy the Mopar experience.

My son is building a 1970 Valiant hardtop (‘68 dart?).

I have a 1970 Val Ute (a boby pick up). We have built a ‘66 a sedan delivery. Mopar is alive and well in the land down under.

See ya.

Carl Hillman
Brisbane, Australia

Another potential car feature

Hi guys, I really look forward to every issue! Thanks for your help in contacting Nina Stepp. I hope to hear from her.

I recently completed a '71 Demon Pro Streeter that is a tribute to Billy Stepp and more of my old friends in the early days of Pro Stock.  I am no wizard on the computer but I am good at emails. Would you be interested in sending me an email address so I can send you some pictures?  Who knows... you may want to feature the car. It can't hurt for you to look at it! Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do.

Patrick Fogel
Floral City, Florida

Send those photos to