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Hi, Terry!

Great site, keep it up. Say hi to Terry Spencer, we learned it together at San Gab & Irwindale

Mark Caplan
Moorpark, California

A little tip from Ethel

Awwwwww, I’m gonna miss ole yaller something fierce. But I have complete confidence that Nate will put her through her paces... Note to Nate: she likes it when you kick her down to 2nd gear on 880 on your way for a burrito, and NO POWER STEERING... EVER!!!!!

Austin, Texas

On a Rampage even back then

Hello, I saw your article on Jack Sharkey's Rampage Dart. I was a 15 yr old kid on a 10 speed bike when we found Jack's garage in Matteson, IL (South of Chicago) and it was a heart throbbing experience... He kept in an oversize garage attached to his house, and worked on it at all hours to keep up with a brutal work / race schedule. He would fire it up at night and you can only guess the reaction from the neighborhood.

He altered it and ran a 426 wedge four speed, then converting to 426 Hemi /727 combo that was quite successful. Ron Esserman was the local Chicago Hts. Dodge dealer and underwrote the Dart for 3 seasons... I saw him win at US 30 Dragway in 1965 &66.

Thanks for the great article. 

John Hoffman
Chicago, Illinois

We’ll forward the info, Patrick

Hello friends at Mopar Max.

I really enjoy your website and the good staff. In the last issue, there were threads concerning the late Billy the Kid Stepp. His daughter participated thanking those who gave kind words about her Dad. I knew Billy Stepp and he was a class act. He was always good to me. Do you have a way to contact Nina? I would really like to speak to her and tell her about some of the times I had with Billy. I have completed a '71 Pro Street Demon with a paint scheme that is a tribute to Billy and I would love to email her some pictures. If you can help me make contact, I would greatly appreciate it. Keep up the good work!

Patrick Fogel
Floral City, Florida