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Another tech tip

Good article on adjusting the valves on the slant sixes. Something important that is often overlooked. Just a couple of comments. If the car has A/C, it becomes a real pain to get the V/C off. Also, 1980 and newer sixes have hydraulic lifters.

I worked at a Chrysler dealer in the 70\'s and a customer decided to save the one hour charge and do his own valve adjustment. Well he adjusted them like you do a Chevy V8 with hydraulic lifters; turn the adjuster tight until the tapping noise goes away and tighten it another 1/4 turn. He fried his valve in less than 2 weeks. What a twit.

John Hagen
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Yes, we do

Anybody know when the all Mopar swap in Indy will be held?

Orval Bradburn
Elkhart, Indiana

It’s March 7 and 8.

Big Daddy is awaiting delivery

This is in reference to the Mailbag letter I saw. Don Garlits is a good friend of mine and we email daily. I asked him what the status was on his new Challenger racer - the one he raced against Judy Lily at Bandimere. He said they told him it was back in Detroit "getting finished and fitted out."

Don's no fool! The car was done in Denver when he drove it! Chrysler's money troubles have probably killed the whole program. Don was supposed to get a new Ram dually and a sponsorship and all of that is gone. If it ever does happen, I still want to be on the team. Don is a lot of fun to be with on the road. I am really blessed to have my hero as also my friend. He turns 77 tomorrow on the 14th of January and he still works everyday 300 mph with his hair on fire. He is physically fit and one of the smartest men I have ever met. So many of my heroes are gone. Big Daddy is so tough we're going to have him for a long time yet!

Patrick Fogel