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Just a peek?

I really liked Steve's altered wheelbase match race article very much!  Keep up the good work!  I also really appreciate your coverage of SSAH races.  I'm sure guys like Charlie Wescott and Ray Barton are holding their cards close to the chest but it would be nice to see an in-depth article on one of the standouts.

Patrick Fogel
Floral City, Florida

We can’t be everywhere

Just wondering if you have coverage of any of the Chrysler Classic events at Pittsburgh Raceway Park? (Curt George Memorial) I am somewhat new to your magazine. I see articles from Beaver Springs but nothing on Pittsburgh.


Tom Taylor
Altoona, Pennsylvania

We haven’t had any results from the event, but if anyone wants to volunteer, please let us know.

Chris Barnes is an inspiration to us all


Love the Mopar Max format. The above article I found in the archives by Chris Barnes references an Edelbrock D64 manifold. A couple of things:  '64 - '65 273s have unique heads & manifolds. The "D-Dart" didn't come out until 1966 and had single quad high rise intakes with a Holley to replace the stock AFB.

Chris was the inspiration for my "Blue Whale" '71 Coronet 383 wagon project--similar to Dave Boertman's Stock Eliminator winner from '71. Thanks!

Eben Hedman
Burlington, Washington

Not us!

Who picked the paint for the Dodge PS?

Charles Rice
Joliet, Illinois

A little help here, please

I'm wondering if there is any person or company I could contact about a performance chip for my 1995 Dodge V10; most of the companies I have talked with know nothing of a chip for a V10 early model Dodge.

I was just trying to locate someone who might know more about who might have one.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

John Dearmore