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Thanks… we think

(In responses to Stunkard’s August Mopar Musings)

So you show us a dog's behind in the first picture... Sheesh... Just kidding, incredible pictures.

Ryan Brutt

Look to the artist

Hello Mopar Max Team!

My name is Michael Leonhard and I do automotive art & design. I just launched limited edition art prints of my next generation Mopar Muscle Concepts.

I want to request if you could run a little editorial article in the upcoming Mopar Max issue about my prints. It would help me a lot for the start up and I should appreciate your support.

Looking forward to your reply.


Michael Leonhard

Good news, bad news

After speaking to Chrysler engineers, the Fiat 500 is quick and handles well. Unfortunately it needs about 500 lbs of steel to pass the crash test, and the emissions are way off U.S. standards.


On the prowl

Hi, I have a 6.1 Hemi powered Plymouth Prowler sitting in my shop right now. It runs and drives and is extremely fast. It makes you wish they would have put it in from the factory. I have plenty of pictures and some video of it, if you are interested. Just let me know!

Brendan Burke
Wilmington, North Carolina

Eyes on broadway

I have a 1966 426 Hemi Charger with a four speed. I would like to see my car in your magazine MoparMax.

Gil Garcia
Fremont, California