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Maybe a six-pack of beer we can help you with

Love the magazine! Keep up the good work. Is there any way that you can rerun the original Project Six Pak series of articles for those of us that were to young to enjoy them when they were first run?

Frank Barish
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Well, gee, Frank. We didn’t write the original Project Six Pak, so we do not have the legal right to use the copyrighted material from Super Stock & Drag Illustrated.

Looking for parts

Need some help from yourselves or from your readers. I and a fellow Mopar racer are in need of GOOD fibreglass parts (fenders, hood, etc) Some time ago I was given the name of a Texas shop which carried everything I needed. And typically, I lost the info. Any help would be appreciated. The cars in question are a ‘64 Polara, and a ‘65 Coronet. Thanks in advance.

Terry McHardy
Summerland, British Columbia, Canada

Here ya go!

Do you have a magazine with the photos from the Mopar show at the Rock in April 2009? I was told that my red Plymouth Belvedere was in it and I would love to see it.

Ronnie Hudson
Gibson, North Carolina

Here’s a link to the article If you would like a printed copy, see our answer to the next letter.

Getting a printed version

I am interested in ordering an archived copy of your magazine. It would be the July 2009 issue that has an article about my wrecking yard, Big M Automotive. Please contact me with information on how to get a copy of this magazine. Thank you in advance. 

John Fowlie
Williams, California

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