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Re: Beaver Creek story

Geoff Stunkard scores again! Neat words and outrageous photos! If you're in the Eastern States plan to attend both the York Reunion and this Sunday nostalgia race at Beaver Springs. The two events append one another and it makes for a great weekend in mid-July. Beaver Springs is this great little 1960's-era drag strip located in the PA mountain country about 2.0 hours from York. Beautiful drive and great racing!

Jon Lundberg
(One of the LOH geezers)

Always leave ‘em wanting more

Hey! What's going on? Are Chris Barnes and Geoff Stunkard on vacation? I look forward (from the 50's) to reading Mopar Max on the first of every month, and August 1, 2008, two of my favorite guys are not here. If Chris is thrashing on that bad ass wagon, OK, and if Geoff is digging up some more MoPar in your face history, OK. But I look forward to the first of every month to read the best, from the best. I guess I'll have to be content to read the best from all of the rest, this month. Keep up the good work, and thanks.

Dean Marsteller

We’re mixing up the writers just a bit this summer, with them taking turns writing. Who will be here when? Not even the editor knows for sure. We’re glad you like what we do. Keep reading!

Beep, beep!

Greetings, I have just completed a four-year restoration on a ‘68 Hartop Road Runner, PP1 Red/ Black vinyl top, black interior, 383, 4-speed numbers matching, 3:23 posi. I wanted to ask if your group was going to have another Mopar show in the Roanoke/Salem/Radford area in the future.

The Salem Civic Center has several HUGE parking lots that would be ideal for a show. We just need someone to head it up. Also, Salem is a great sports town and love their car shows!!

There are a lot of really nice Mopars locally within a 100-mile radius.

Thanks for your time.

Ron Humphries
Salem, Virginia

We think you’re a little confused, Ron. We don’t put on car shows, we just cover some of them in the pages of Mopar Max. But send us a photo of your car and we’ll publish it.


Mopars climb the Peak

Just wanted to let you know about some Mopars competing in a different kind of race, this year's Pike's Peak Hill Climb had four Mopars competing in it. One was a Dodge truck in the Pro-truck division. The Pro-trucks all share a common chassis, tires, tranny, carb, and ignition. There were three Mopars in the Vintage car division, a '51 Chrysler New Yorker with dual quad Hemi power, a '61 Chrysler 300 and a '71 Cuda. The '51 and '61 are raced in open road events like the Silver State Challenge and Mexican road races. The '71 Cuda is raced in vintage road course events.

Photos of the above vehicles can be seen at www.ppihc.com and on youtube.

Jess Neal
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Coronet fan

Greatly enjoyed the article on the AMT '65 Coronet model kits and the drag history. In 1969 I bought a '65 Coronet 440 2 door hardtop with the 426 street wedge and a 4-speed. Bench seats, dark blue color and black rims with dog dish hubcaps made this car a perfect sleeper. It would be worth a bunch today, but as is always the case, I traded it on a new '72 Swinger shortly after I was married... I think I got $600.00 on the trade-in allowance.

One other note on the "Color Me Gone" AWB '65 Coronet: It was sold to Mr. Norm's Grand Spaulding Dodge and became the second altered wheelbase Coronet that Gary Dyer raced. (I believe he crashed their '65 Coronet two door post.)

John McLellan
Lane Automotive

Tech tip thanks

I loved the article on the 572 World Block. I have been considering an aluminum block for a street strip build. Thanks for the good information and write-up. FYI I also followed a link from Moparts.

Rob Kamstra
Ontario, Canada

Magnante is impressive and inspiring

Hey, Steve, I just finished watching your "How to build an altered" DVD and I must say that I'm impressed and inspired. I will definitely be putting lots of the tips you provided in our up and coming altered '64 Belvedere wagon project. Wait, did you say wagon? That's a whole different kettle of fish. Not really, we're just mildly obsessed with '60's Mopar wagons and we have never seen one diced up and altered. So here we go.

We're still in the planning stages and have been acquiring parts for the rest of the build for some time now. We're thinking 12" and 8" but that may all change once the tape measure comes out. Of course we'll need to go into the rear door section so they will end up getting welded up. A big stroker, hilborn, 727 and 8 3/4 with a spool will hopefully put us in the high ten, low eleven-second range but time and money will dictate that.

I also have a sweet little '64 330 wagon that will also be treated to a stroker, two A-100 seats and a real Lindamood inspired metal flake paint job. I really want it to have a factory lightweight look with an all business attitude. It may start its life as a street and strip car but will probably end up becoming a dedicated race car at some point. I also managed to score some early vintage 14" straight cut torque thrusts for some period correct drool factor.

Alright, I've taken up enough of your time; I just thought I'd drop a line and intro myself. I've been a fan of your writing style for years and always look forward to new and exciting tech articles for all makes and models. Feel free to check out my humble little blog to follow the antics of our home brewed race team: wagonsofsteelnorth.blogspot.com.

I promise to stop harassing your editors at Mopar Max, sometimes I just go off on a tangent and can't be stopped. I'm better now. I do love how they figure my 15 seconds of fame would come from the mailbag section of an online magazine. I must have really low standards regarding fame.

Take care.

Pat McInnis

See how easy this is, Pat, you sign your name and you get another 15 minutes. Thanks for writing.  

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