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Please note that we will not publish letters that don’t have your complete name. We’re getting letters that we would like to share, but they aren’t signed. This isn’t some anonymous chat room. Something like “Polara Pat” or “Mr. Hemi” ain’t gonna cut it -- after all, don’t we all fit that one?

News from Down Under

Wow, that is awesome! I was lucky enough to work with the sister car that Scott Geffrion drove that was sold to Matt Sawyer in Australia for a couple of years and to read this article has blown me away. Those cars are identical.

Great read!


Simon Lazarevski
Adelaide, Australia

Got any answers?

Hi, I am trying to locate the original Sox and Martin Superbirds. I have "heard" a story that one of the cars, I believe there were two, was destroyed in a trailing accident. But, that still leaves one to be found. Do anyone know how many Superbirds were designated for drag racing by Plymouth. Are any of these cars still around? It's possible that we have found one of these cars and I am researching the barn find. This could be a potential story for the right author.

C. Andrew Meyer

Well, thank you

I just stumbled onto the mag from Moparts and boy was I glad I did! This is what the hobby needs. Great work, guys.

Steve Hanson

Yes. Yes, it is

This is awesome.

Daniel Field
Weiser, Idaho

Tempest in a teapot

Seriously, you won't print a letter because it's signed with a "pen name". I didn't give myself the name but it stuck so I use it. Announcers and friends don't have a problem with it. What's to stop someone from using a fake real sounding name anyways? Like Stunkard is a real name, that guy must've gotten brutalized in high school.

No one is going to Google me to find out what's happening in my life right now; it's just not that exciting. If you won't post my letters then that's your little problem but if you like (or dislike) what I have to say then you'll just have to get over your Christian name quirk. By the way, thanks for using my name to set an example of "what not to do". I can use all the free press I can get.

(Polara) Pat McInnis
Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

Good grief, Pat, what a lot of anger we see bubbling right under the surface. The reason that we ask for readers to sign their names (and we’ve never had anyone give us a hard time before) is that we find that people are more likely to think about what they are writing if they have to sign their name to it, rather than just snipe at someone anonymously. We sign our names on all our articles. And as for your “free press… you’ve just had your 15 minutes of fame.

Keep looking for the ‘finds’

Steve, I just found MoparMax magazine online today. Looks like a nice gig. I also enjoy seeing you on TV. You may remember me from the Power Tour East 1999 where I had the shortened Satellite station wagon, and also the Dick Miller Oldsmobile Powered Nationals at Norwalk, Ohio, the year the Hurst Hairy Olds was there - I had the crappy looking beige '81 Delta 88 there with the 455 Olds in it. We hung around and chatted long after most of the people left that year.

What's new? I have a couple of "new" projects in the works, including one that as far as I can tell, no one has done before.      

Steve, nice finds - they are still out there. For example (not Mopar), in PA sits an unrestored legit 68 442 W-30 Olds, which close inspection confirms, at a tiny used car lot. Nice online magazine. Feel free to contact me - we've met twice previously - still have those pictures of my short Satellite wagon?

Thanks again for your work.

Ben Brown
Annapolis, Maryland

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