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Hi guys, I really loved this piece you did, it garnered a lot of memories. I remember those times so well. My first ever car was a 1970 cuda conv, 340 3 spd , rally red , rally dash , 323 open rear. This car sat at the end of the driveway of one of my newspaper route customers. I walked past this car every day on my way to school, I used to tell my friends I’m gonna own that car.

Well, one day I noticed the guy putting a battery in it and I asked him what he was doing, he said it was for sale and he wanted to get it running. I went back later that night with my dad and bought it for 300.00. It had 29k on the odometer and he was the original owner.

I drove that car for all of my high school years and into adulthood. I still today own this car; I have owned it since 1978. I really love going to car shows and telling people this is the first car I ever owned.

Anyway enough of my story. Please keep up the good work.

Thanks again.

Jim Mercurio

Stunkard responds - Thanks, Jim. The coolest part of your story was it is about one that 'didn't get away.'  By the way, your combination - 340-three-speed-convertible-E-body - makes that a truly unique car today. I remember a worn-out 340 Sassy Grass Green '71 'cuda droptop (nope, I'm not kidding) from back in the day now you have brought it up. After it disappeared from view in about 1982 or so, I finally stopped and asked the former owner what had happened, and was told the former Rehobeth Beach-based cruiser had gone to the junkyard due to frame rot.  Oh, well, if we had all been so wise back then.


Chris, The Canadian WOS indeed were a pleasant surprise, as it was ABSOLUTELY a pleasure to meet all of you. I just walked right up and introduced myself. EVERYONE in your pit was forthcoming and super friendly. Hope to see you up here soon.

Jori Cooper
Announcer and Volunteer Coordinator
Thunder Mountain Raceway
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada


Hey Chris, just wanted to let you know that this website is pretty cool! Love the pictures! Especially since they were taken at Pacific! I will tell everyone I know to check this site out! Take care! Are you pre-registered for the Mopar race at Pacific? See ya at the track!

Shawna Smith


 Hi Chris, Just thought I'd ask and see if you had any more info on the red "Bushmaker Racing" '65 Valiant you saw at the Mission NHRA meet.

I'm a '65 Valiant owner myself, debating whether or not to hold on to it or not. Would like to hear any info on their combo (if you were able to garner such info) which might help sway me to hold on to it and build it up in similar fashion. The car looks top notch.

Thanks for your time and good luck with the wagon this summer.

Greg Casden
Brooklyn, New York


I was wondering if I might be able pick your brain a little on building an E85 burning 440 Mopar engine. I have a ‘73 Road Runner that I'm rebuilding, and I would like to put an E85 engine back in it. Trouble is, I can't find any information on how to build a good running street motor. I don't need 7 or 8 hundred horses. Just looking for 450 or 500. Something that will run pretty good and last a while.

I can't find any specs anywhere on what kind of compression, cam, heads, carb and the rest. My question is, is there information out there that Joe average can get to build a 440 in his garage? I don't have unlimited funds but I don't cheese out on quality either. Ya get what ya pay for.


Bill Franek
Freeland, Michigan

I would recommend Quick Fuel carburetors and fuel systems as the number one choice. I also think Edelbrock is ready to start sending their E85 carburetors out. – Jok Nicholson