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Steve, I just by chance came across your "Am I a muscle car militant" piece.  I enjoyed it a lot, especially the part where you talk about my dad and his Boss 429.  That car was his pride and joy up until the day he died.  I still have it and will be restoring it soon.  Steve give me a call if you like.  I live in Camarillo and have a passion for cars like my old man.

Thanks for your story.

George Boskovich Jr.

Hello Steve, your name came up at our weekly Saturday morning breakfast and b.s.(bacon, sausage) session a few weeks back. We are a motley crew made up of sprint car racers, drag racers and hot rodders, with equal representation from Ford, Mopar and Chevy camps. The discussion topic that particular morning was pricing on cars passing through Barrett-Jackson auctions. Several, including me, commented on what a great job you do as a narrator/commentator at these events... certainly a great improvement over Brock Yates (a great guy, but out of his element), who once referred to a '67 Dodge GTX a fewyears back.

Here's the kicker. I told these dudes that I met you way back in '98 when I accompanied Dave Rentsman on the Power Tour with his "Pure Funn" blown hemi roadster. They enjoyed the part of my story about your refusal to wear goggles because you would have had to remove your glasses when you rode with me on one leg of the tour. Then, it occurred to me that in just a few days, we will mark the tenth anniversary of that Power Tour. (Boy, the crew from the old HRM have really been scattered since then!)

So, Happy Anniversary, Steve. I enjoy reading your articles whenever I run across them. Check out my newsletters at www.motorstate.com and www.laneautomotive.com sometime.

John McLellan  

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