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I have a 2007 Dodge Charger and want to learn more about this car and its heritage.

Albert Sheldon
Houston, Texas


You neglected to get one of the more interesting stories about Chase Knight's half-million-mile Charger. He needs to tell you about the time it was stolen and then recovered months later.

It just adds to the unusual history of this amazing car in which I have had the pleasure of cruising South Florida with my buddy Chase. Of course back then it ONLY had a couple hundred thousand miles on it.


Henry Walther
Mission Viejo, California


Chase forgot to tell you that the car was stolen and painted black. He got the insurance money and then they found the car. Honest Chase gave them the money back. This was sometime in the 1970 time.

David Y. Smith


Just got to tell you guys that every month your magazine gets better. And I really liked this months because of ALL the great articles from Mopars at the Strip to Bob Mosher’s cars. I live in Cleveland, Ohio, and have a 1965 Dodge Coronet 440.

Keep up the great work and all my friends will soon know about this great Mopar site. Thanks again. 

Dale "Skip" Piotrowski
Cleveland, Ohio


Great insight, Steve! I agree, history IS repeating itself and the enthusiast is reaping the benefits. I do agree with the price of fuel, there appears to be a closing window (again!) on this muscle car madness.

With that in mind, my son and I talked mom into a new car, a Jeep SRT 8, to be exact. The thinking is that mom rarely drives, and when she does, the miles are few, so, with a little luck, mom can "enjoy" what might be a rather unusual muscle car down the road. She just thought it looked “cool” parked next to my son's just-completed ‘69 Dodge Coronet!

Now SHE'S asking if buying a Challenger would be a good investment! See what Detroit started... AGAIN!

Keep up the good work, Steve.

Jeff Zimmerman
Shelby Twp., Michigan


I really enjoyed your interview with "Akron Arlen" Vanke. I met him at Mopars at the Strip and he was gracious enough to autograph the inside of the trunk lid of my ‘68 Hemi Dart, as did 11 other former drivers of the ‘68 Hemi Darts and Cudas.

Gary Perkins
Lake Forest, California