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Re: Basement Garage

Way to go, I am in the same spot myself, and I have been noticing this sort of mentality in all the car mags I read, yes even in Hot Rod where one certain staffer routinely throws jabs. It is just this sort of mentality which keeps hot rodders in the pigeonhole of "ignorant redneck hoodlums."

Yep, I have two Mopars, but I do my recycling every week, try to burn only one light bulb in my house at a time, dry my clothes on the clothesline, and ride my bicycle every dry day I can. My monthly Mopar fuel bill for the two Mopars is probably  a twelfth  of your average soccer mom scooting all over town in her SUV. Sure, mine burn more gas and make more smog, but I drive them as a treat, so I believe it all balances out.

Neal Zimmerman
Eugene, Oregon


I have two 1967 Belvederes. All stories are on 1961-1965s and 1968 Roadrunners and up. Sometimes I think everyone forgot that Dodge and Plymouth made cars in ’67 and ‘66.

Hope to see some stories in the future.

Greg Billing
Grand Rapids, Michigan


Steve - great story on the Max Wedge. I have a ‘67 Barracuda street car with a 512, MW Hemi 4spd, 4.10 Dana (originally built by myself in 1977) that’s a blast to drive. It’s great to see new parts available and the comparisons between the new and vintage parts.

Paul Roberts


Max wedge NHRA stockers would be a good article. I've only seen 1 super/stock wedge (1964) years ago. A '62 413 started it all -- first car I saw pull the wheels.

John C. Short
Vineland, Ontario, Canada


Hey, what happened to the altered-wheelbase Dart? It got tubbed, then completely disappeared! Did you guys finish it?

Kenny MacKay
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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