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Clinically speaking

I WAS THERE... for the Sox and Martin Performance Clinics and I can tell you they packed the largest dealership within a hundred miles, full with MOPAR racing enthusiasts. Sox and Martin were so professional, prepared, warm and friendly, it's incomprehensible that Chrysler has failed to use this approach in recent years.

No surprise that opening day at all the local dragstrips was a Roadrunner and Super Bee parade. Real factory support for Joe Six Pack via tech info, and availability of properly engineered hardware was so meaningful to the faithful. To this day I have never seen similar customer support from Chrysler or MOPAR and I don't understand why.

Having raced a new '66 273 Formula S ‘Cuda, a '67 383 ‘Cuda, a '69 440 GTX, a '69 383 ‘Cuda and a '70 340 ‘Cuda, I speak from experience that the Performance Clinics conducted by Sox and Martin and Dick Landy were extremely effective in selling muscle cars and building customer relations.

Aluminum rods fatigue primarily from the jerk force at TDC. I'm sure you know that the reciprocating mass and rpm determine the exact force imparted on the rod body and cap, which is what determines how quickly they fatigue. Longer strokes, higher rpm and heavier components exert the most force.

Paul Smith

That Dart is calling…

Hey Steve, I have really enjoyed the '63 Dart altered wheelbase funny car articles. It brings back a LOT of memories. FWIW, when I was young and dumb and in high school, my older brother bought a '63 Dart with front-end damage, that we intended to drop a 440 into and drag race. Having raced a '66 Formula S ‘Cuda, '69 383 ‘Cuda, etc. We were looking to build a dedicated drag car. Unfortunately the lack of time, money, knowledge and the arrival of children meant the project was never finished. I hated to see that car go to the scrap yard after all the hard work in stripping it to bare metal and prepping it for the shoe horn fit 440.

This year I was at Milan Dragway in Michigan and just by luck there was a guy there with a '65 Dart with a single 4 bbl. wedge engine that was running 10's. It looked to be a backyard effort but it did perform quite well for a low buck deal. Your project looks top shelf and it is an inspiration to all. I keep fighting the urge to do my "last project" because my health is waning. Your articles are messing with my head! <LOL>

I'm looking forward to seeing that MOPAR finished and kicking butt soon! Keep the articles coming.

A diehard MOPAR fan now living near Motown.

Beep Beep!

Hi. Love your mag, and Mopar lives forever. Please do more Roadrunners; I have a ‘68 and just love ‘em.

Cheers, guys.

Con Perdikooris
Sydney, Australia

Getting technical

(RE: Jok Nicholson’s November Real World Racing column)

I was thinking the exact same thing, until I inspected the oil filter and found more steel than I am comfortable with.

Thanks for your great articles.

Tim Moore
New York

Mopar to ya!

The last line of (Chris Barnes’) article says it all, and this is what this sport needs more than anything - more novice participation. If drag racing is to survive in the long run, we will need more than spectators to keep drag racing going.

Kudos to these guys.

Fred Patrick
Allegan, Michigan

Feeling nostalgic

Very nice article! Keep this nostalgia stuff coming!

Larry Fulton

We’re saving trees

I would like to subscribe to your magazine? Please send info. Thanks.

Also, I own a ‘71 ‘cuda, it placed second at Mopars At The Strip in ‘06 for stock class. I tell everybody.

Love to get your magazine.

David Barelle
Casper, Wyoming

David, we’re only on the Internet, so we’re always free and always available. Tell everybody. Thanks.  

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