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Possible GM-Chrysler merger is a shotgun wedding?

I guess when GM buys Mopar, we Mopar guys will be met with open arms at all the Super Chevy shows and GM get togethers, just like AMC was welcomed into the Mopar fold. NOT! I sure don't expect to go to a GM show because I'm a MOPAR guy, no matter who owns Chrysler, or even if there is a Chrysler. I still get upset when I go to a Mopar event and see AMC cars! If I was an AMC guy I would not even show up at a Mopar event as AMCs are NOT Mopar products, nor are they Mopar enthusiasts! Try taking your Hemi Road Runner to an AMC show and they tell you to park it in the parking lot with the rice burners and mini vans! Mopar wanted to include AMC in shows they had a hand in, why I'll never know, but they did.

I think Mopar guys will still look at GM cars as they are, RIVALS, not some feel good stepbrothers that Ma Mopar and stepdad The General said to "play nice" with! That's all I have on my chest for now. I'm sure the AMC boys will write in now and tell why they belong even though NO Mopar guys ever wanted them to be included in the Mopar brotherhood.

John Troxel
Holts Summit, Missouri

Welcome to the club!

I have a 1973 Plymouth Barracuda.

Stanley Gatzek
Richmond, Indiana

Stunkard forges ahead

Rock away, Geoff. One of the hardest working photographers in the industry. Another great event and another great photographer capturing history.

Next year I'll have a cold Yuengling sitting on the counter at the bar.

Tim Lopata
President, The Forge Musclecar Classic
Maryville, Tennessee

Reader request

Make some more detailed articles about Blown Hemis! Alco, Fuel and pump gas engines as well.

Thank you.

Kaare Kronbach

A question of color

I have a question and hope that you can answer it for me. I am restoring a 1965 Dodge Dart GT with a high performance 273. Could you please tell me what the correct color to use to paint the engine?

Bob Weidenmeyer
Cypress, Texas

Keven Thompson says: "The best color and correct color is red! The best red, and closest to a factory shade that I have found, is sold under the name "Duplicolor Engine Paint" and is "FORD RED". I know... The Ford thing bugs me too, but it looks better than the Chrysler stuff and wears and goes on very nicely. Good luck!" 

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