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What about strong showings of Kurt Bush and Ryan Newman? No mention of those in your NASCAR column.

Chris Jeanotte


My name is Jeff Teuton and I am from Houma, LA, and I have been the Dodge dealer since 1968 and been racing since 1958. Since you were Just Wondering and I was Just Wondering, I thought I would run a couple by you. Why hasn't the deal to sell the properties and pro classes by NHRA finished? A couple weeks ago with time on my hands, I searched the net for details of this process. Other than the initial announcement, I could not find anything on any site including the SEC site. Just Wondering.

The second thing is according to the 1981 bylaws, NHRA received the over 7000 signed approvals from the then members, to make the 5 members of the board the only members of NHRA. In that publication the board cannot sell NHRA except to another racing organization. And of course you see the implications here. And my Wonderings were probably prompted by too much Christmas food and drink. My brother Joe and I have been in the automobile business since 1968 and have a couple of SS/AH cars, in addition to other Super Stock and Stock cars and have raced since day one. Just Wondering what you think?    

Jeff Teuton


Steve (Maganante) is the only commentator on BJ auction I give any attention to. This man is a MOPAR MANIAC.

ET Groups are going to be the future of the local drag strips. In my area, Bristol, TN, doesn't plan to EVER RUN ANOTHER BRACKET PROGRAM. This in spite of having 350 to 384 cars show up every Sat. They don't want this format to continue. They don't prep the track, they don't care if they call you to the staging lanes and then cook burgers for the track crew for an hour while you swelter in the heat, the operator is on salary and doesn't care if the race is run or not. I have heard rumors that they will rent the track for $7k per day with their crew and systems in place. The stands have always been empty and the NASCAR mentality of Jeff Byrd (Bristol CEO) seems to be that no one cares to see this venue, when in fact we all bring 3 or 4 people with us every race.

Heads up classes (7.50 to 12.00 sec.) would be something that fans could understand and 2 buy-backs with a separate bracket for these to come into the 1/4 finals would sell. I hope clearer thoughts prevail. I have a number of professional people that are willing to back an effort like this. I'd like to see sportsman racing stay alive. This is one of Bruton Smith's finest facilities, I hate to see it used for a parking lot for the NASCAR events when there are so many fine race cars in the area.

Claude Cuthbertson
North Carolina


I like the coverage that MoparMax gives. Keep up the good work.

Elbert Calhoun
Shorter, Alabama


The "scoop" on the A/FX Hemi car with the 'cuda fender cover: The owner (I don't remember his name) was showing his car but decided to check out the drag cars. He asked if he could park in my pit when it started to rain.

He asked me if I had something to cover the stacks. That's my 'cuda fender cover. He told me he was not allowed to race due to the car not having glass yet. When I was asking him if he knew Bob Pickel and the El Toro hemi exhibition car, Bob strolled up with his son. During the summer when I blew up my 318 at the track bracket racing, Bob was kind enough to pull a 318 from one of his yard trucks on the 4th of July so I could continue in the summer points chase. I had invited Bob to my pit earlier in the day to see the 318 that he sold me and take some pix. I think when you took those pictures, the owner followed Bob up to his pit to see El Toro.

Chuck Critti
Car # C541,
‘68 Barracuda fastback
St. Louis, MO


I really like this site. You guys are real people, not saying what the sponsors want you to say. I have a '71 Challenger R/T that I never saw the fender tags, so I basically turned it in to a race car through the years. I've had it since '95. I'm dropping a 572 HEMI, It dynoed 920 hp @ 6500 r's., 812 tq starting @ 5100 r's thru 6200. Keep this up.

Frank Lombard
Lakewood, California


I was interested in what Mr. Nicholson said regarding the NHRA. I don't know how many of you remember the movie "Bull Durham". One scene had the "Shepard" character lecturing the "Robbins" character on how to "talk press". One of the things that makes NASCAR and Pro Football so dull is the lack of character portrayed in these steroid sports! Maybe if Drag Racing returned to its "Pinks" roots, it would regain the popularity it once had when it emerged from the dry lakes!

Mark Williams
Fort Collins, Colorado 

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