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LOOKS LIKE KEViN THOMSON’S Going on the dust Jacket....

Hey guys, somebody there did a fabulous review of my book, "Muscle Car Confidential." I just wanted you to know that I saw it and really appreciate it. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. Good luck with MoparMax.

Joe Oldham
LaQuinta, CA


I have a 1973 Dodge D100 pickup truck, but my driveshaft has been lost by a chrome shop.

Can you help me with the measurements and specs? Short of measuring between the engine and trans. Which are not in yet.  I am doing a total street rod restoration for show.

Ron Jones
Fort Washington, MD


Dear MoparMax,

Nearly fell off my chair when I saw my letter in the Mopar mailbag.  Did like you suggested. Next, copied the MoparMax Icon (from my favorites folder) onto my desktop shortcut for MoparMax. Now I've got a cool Icon to go along with the cool MoparMax shortcut. Sure I'm not the only reader who wanted a cool Icon to denote their shortcut to MoparMax. Thanks!

Don't think I know Mike Vermilyea, but see he's also from Milwaukee, WI (Greenfield is a suburb). Glad he discovered your e-magazine too.

FYI: There are a lot of Mopar fans and gear heads here in Milwaukee, as well as the rest of the state.  I'll have to pass along the word to my friends to go online and read MoparMax.

Patrick Clement
Greenfield, WI


I love them too, problem at the moment I have too many cars and parts, and not enough room to finish my, of many dreams. Currently trying to work out the bugs on a ‘69 Road Runner, I’m going after Sox and Martin’s record they set in there ’69 RR. They used a hemi w/24s and alky. I believe it still stands today 7.20s/7.30s at193 MPH. I am going to top it with a steel 440 blk, with B1 heads and a Littlefeld 1071 alcohol injected and 2 speed linko. My biggest fear is I’m gonna end up with 3300lb. Pro Mod. Any ideas? the chassis is certified faster than the car will ever run 6.50s I do believe I’m gonna have to swap the 60, four a9,in. with floaters.

Jeff Williamson
Nashville, TN

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