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When are you guys going to start printing a real magazine?!  I love your stories.  It's refreshing to read real stories and not the boring tech bla bla bla that the other mags put out. There's only so many ways to say "it has an 8.75 with a 481 case and 3.91 Sure grip gears" they always say something cheesy trying to sound cool like "out back it's got a..."

I’m bored with 2-page "stories" that's nothing more than just a few pictures of a nice car and the technical details of the build.

And I can't count how many times the same magazine has printed an article on a budget brake swap over a 3 year period...sure they're different stories, because one was on an A-body, the other was on a B-body, and even on a C-body, but guess what?  IT'S STILL THE SAME STORY! Doing the same thing to different cars does not make it a different story.

I enjoy reading your stories of guys going to cruise nights and talking about how they broke down and then got home by using creative engineering, or like the one I just read about playing with Hot Wheels.

I LOVE IT!  If you go into print with a real magazine, I will buy subscriptions!


We’re all old print magazine guys, Tom, so we know where you’re coming from. We chose to keep everything online because we know most of the readership these days is moving away from print mags and printing and distribution can be a hassle. Maybe, if we get enough people who want subscriptions, we’ll think about doing a print version, but until we gets bushels of dollars, we’re keeping it on the web. So, save a tree and keep reading online – besides, it’s free! We’ll keep the good stuff coming.


Cool e-magazine, but I got a question.  I put a shortcut to your website on my desktop; do you guys have a Mopar cool icon I could use for the desktop?

Mopar or no car.

Patrick N. Clement
Greenfield, Wisconsin

If you bookmark us on your browser, our Mopar Max icon should appear on your favorites list.


This is the first time I’ve read MoparMax, and I like it. Keep up the good work. Mopar or no car.

Mike Vermilyea
Milwaukee, Wisc.


Your magazine is fantastic. Just what the doctor ordered to keep my energy up to work on my new '74 Duster 383/727/4:56.

Philip Saran
Fullerton, CA

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