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I totally enjoyed (Chris Barnes’s) Vegas piece. The wagon is way cool. Keep us updated.

I agree with (Kevin Thomson’s) assessment of Chrysler. I am really pissed at Mercedes. Their management decisions are really dumb; I don't think they understand the US car market. Why would they stop building a really decent car like the Neon, to replace it with the Caliber?

The Caliber isn't a bad car, but they needed a newly styled and reengineered Neon, not a crossover -- maybe a new "Neon America" model w/ 35-40 MPG. They need to compete and become the industry leader in high value, high mileage cars. An innovator, not a “me too” like the Japanese cars which are (to me) just soulless appliances. A car like this would be a corporate money-maker so they can build exciting cars like the Challenger & Viper.

Chris Jeanotte
Rochester, NH


Thanks to Steve M for the great article about Roger Huntington! I too am a fan/student of the old car magazines and find the differences in writing styles interesting. During these formative years of our sport many great writers kept us informed and entertained, each in his own style. We owe them some long overdue thanks.

By writing this article Steve shows us the same heart for the sport that made them great. I’ve always thought that a series of articles should be devoted to the writers who helped spread the gospel of speed from the beginning.

Thanks again Steve, you’ve earned your place among the greats.

Bob Maghy
San Pedro, CA


Today (5/12/2007) is the first time I have ever seen or heard of your magazine. I will have to keep reading these for more Mopar information. Having four A-body Barracuda’s and a Valiant Conv. and a Duster I can use all the help I can get.

Kenneth P. Woody
Rogersville, AL


My hat’s off to Larry "tell it like it is" Morgan, the only guy in NHRA that will say what everyone else is thinking over there! Not to mention Bob Glidden was into birds and we heard he treats them better than some of the dogs he had for employees – nothing like having 2 sons that had nowhere to run.

Larry, you have a fan for life! Keep up on telling it like it should be!

Randy K.
Fort Lauderdale, FL


Great pictures of my "Yellow Jacket" Top Sportsman Neon. Thanks (to photographer James Drew) for being there. My water pump failed when I made it to the final 4 cars. That’s the reason I had to drop out. But good fun anyway. On the following Memorial Day at Infineon I ran 7.90 at 176.

Rich Nedbal
Sonora, CA

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