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I really enjoyed the Richard Petty deal...very good...he is so good for the sport. Kyle too.

Mike Hughes
Blackshear, GA


Jok: first let me say Mopar or no car!! When I’m just playing I will go to Rock Falls, but when I want to race I go to Cedar Falls and Byron because they don't play that throttle stop crap off the starting line (I f-in’ hate that). I’m taking the chance on spinning and running it out the back door while (Todd the throttle stop terminator) is putzing off the line with a 190 60-foot time and running me down. I don't mind being chased, but let the big dog eat! Come on down, hit it and quit it, peel & eat. You get my drift. 

So you keep telling them what the real deal is and keep the sport alive and enjoyable.

Berry Mack


I’ve been racin’ for 30 years, class racing in AHRA with a small block /4 speed, man. . .those were the days. Then it was brackets. The fastest 16 were Brk 1, the next fastest 16 was Brk. 2 the rest was Brk 3. The payout was structured accordingly. There was an incentive to run faster. It was all no-e. Now, going back to what you were saying about no-e, an Enterprise rent a car can run and be competitive and win the same money a guy that has 20k sunk in his car is running for, except he doesn’t have to trailer his car there or buy fuel and slicks and risk breaking a high dollar motor or trans. So why even make the effort?

I’ll put it on the street and race a stock 1986 Grand Am. I guess that’s what the fans want to see.

Disgusted in South Texas,
James Menke  

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