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I think you guys are doing an outstanding job! Your stories keep me interested way more than most of the Mopar mags out there. I am seeing more of what I want to see, rather what million dollar E-body is going to be in there this week that every other magazine is showing or was showing last month.

I also like your coverage of old and even a few of the new. Keep up the good work!

Isaac Lewellen
El Paso, TX


It’s like coming home. Geoff (Stunkard), Dave (Wallace) and Ro (McGonegal) in the same issue? Great! Will read the "First Funny Cars" articles with interest and comment later. 

BTW...Just took delivery of an ‘06 Charger R/T Hemi.

Jon Lundberg, VODR (Ret.)
Oro Valley, AZ


To Chris Barnes: Love it! That was one good article about the wagon - Dorkmaster tires! That one had me laughing out loud! (I'm still chuckling as I write this). Turn that bad boy into a 14-second sled and have some fun!

To Kevin Thomson: I couldn't agree more. A muscle car is indeed a time machine. I don't mind modifying my ‘69 Road Runner (you should see the list of parts - oh my!) but it was instilled in me at an early age by my dad to appreciate subtle mods. The only "mod" he ever did to his Road Runner (bought in '70 for $1500) was replace the stock blank steel wheels and Plymouth Division poverty caps to a set of 14" Styled Steel (nee Magnum 500) Road Wheels with the brushed alum trim rings. What a change in appearance!

I always used to tell him we ought to jack it up, put louder mufflers on it etc, but he would always say "nope - it looks and sounds better stock." As I grew older and acquired I began to appreciate his outlook. It did look better at stock height and those factory mufflers with the chrome exhaust trumpets (as Chrysler called them) sounded so good.

My current Road Runner replaced the original one back in '83. I sold it in '88 and got it back in 2000. It needed some attention so I got to it and redid a lot of things. The engine is much beefier internally and I installed my very 1st set of headers on a car (tti chrome 1-7/8" dia.). Installation was a snap. Then I went with a 3" dia. tti exhaust system, Magnaflow stainless steel 3" mufflers and Road Runner style stainless steel exhaust tips out back. It sounds even better than the first car that I loved so much. Much healthier and nastier without the need for earplugs.

Inside it’s all stock appearing with a new interior kit, carpet and headliner. Outside are very subtle touches. F8 Ivy Green Metallic with the twin hood stripes. They weren't original on my car but I had them put on in '85 when I had it painted and they were put back on when it was repainted by another owner in the mid-'90s. They really make that car jump at your eyes! Rolling stock is classic Mopar - a set of 15"x7" Magnum 500's wrapped in B.F. Goodrich Radial T/A 235-70R15's up front and 15"x8" Magnum 500's wrapped in 275-60R15 B.F. Goodrich Radial T/A's out back.

Mods are cool, but in my mind it’s better to speak softly and carry a big stick.

John McGowan
Saint Cloud, FL

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