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Is there a subscription available for MoparMax?

Tom Brayman
Cantonment, FL

I'm located in the Bronx, NY. Do you know where I can pick up a copy? Or subscribe?

Nick Hooks
Bronx, NY

Where can I buy MoparMax magazine?

Mark West
Loudon, TN

We get quite a few emails on this topic. MoparMax.com is a Magazine Online, which means we're online only. The good news is anybody with a connection and a computing machine can check out MoparMax.com free of any charge or subscription! The bad news is there is no print edition. -Ed


I gotta tell you, I really like what I am seeing with this venture. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the features, articles and everything. You have really stirred up a lot of memories. Thanks - and keep it up!

John McGowan
Orlando FL

Thanks John. We'll try to keep, uhm. Wait a minute. Hold on. Oh yeah. Remembering! - Ed


I agree totally, the whole muscle spirit that was going on in the 60's has been replaced by pseudo "sports cars" and the basic, raw performance edge has gone. I have a '68 GTX (and a '65 Coronet) and the feeling Floyd Pierce (original owner) must have had when he pulled up at the lights must have been wicked. I love the new concept Challenger because it's so close to the original.

I'd love to see either the Chally or Cuda, with rubber mats, no bags, no a/c, no hi-fi and a nasty old big block! I'm currently having a 578 ci, fuel-injected, twin turbo Hemi built for the '62 Plymouth Fury station wagon formerly known as the "Hemi Wagon" and raced in outlaw street. This will be m.o.t.'d and be street legal over here.

Great site. Mopars are THE ONLY cars but Plymouth definitely needs to be resurrected.

Cheers from the U.K.

Donnie Todd

Nasty old big blocks for everybody! For those of us not in the U.K. - M.O.T. is an acronym for the Ministry of Transport.  - Ed


I think MoparMax is great. Great articles and diversity. I would love to see some hot slant 6's too. Keep up the good work.

John Patterson
Wesley Chapel, FL

You got it, John. Be sure to check back next month for Bay Area SL6 Club Meet coverage. - Ed  

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