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Great magazine! I took the time to look through your new mag, and its not a cookie cutter copy of the paper ones, CONGRATS! We finally get another view of the Mopar hobby!

Dave Verna
Atco, NJ


Well here I am looking over this thing called Mopar Max and thinking this is pretty cool. Same format as the successful Drag Racing Online and not afraid of controversy. Mopar glossary, I think I know them all but let's take a look and see what's there. Second defination but first BIG MISTAKE.  Who (other than Chrysler Corporation who wants to sell parts and collect royalties for diecasts and t-shirts) in the hell would include American Motors as a MOPAR?! If General Motors buys Ford tomorrow, will they all be a happy family hugging and slapping each other on the back at the family reunion? Hell no! They will be wrestling on the ground because one has become the dorky step-kid in their otherwise "cool" family!

We Mopar people in our politically correct world must throw open our arms and allow these people into our home because Lee Iacocca wanted the "Jeep" brand. I don't think so!! Sure you can enter your AMC at the Mopar Nationals, Carlisle, Monster Mopar and other events. Try taking your Hemi Cuda or Road Runner to an AMC show and you get to park it in the parking lot with the daily drivers!

I thought I was looking at a Mopar site!! Correct me if I'm wrong, but, wasn't AMC & Chrysler COMPETITORS? Didn't they have separate parts books, service manuals, dealerships and completely different-looking cars? I'm sure this will stir up a few but AMC was a stand-alone manufacturer. I can understand that AMC cars strike a chord in people that like them but why in the world would we bestow the name "MOPAR" on them?????

John Troxel
Holts Summit, MO


My name is Steve Brigandi and I own Mopar Ranch in San Diego county. I have a close friend, I built a Hemi for his rat rod, that gave me your web site. I wanted you to know that we need guys like you helping bring the Mopar News to the Mopar world.

I realize you’re new but I have a few comments that might help in the future. You need things to keep people interested because unlike a magazine at the newsstand once you purchase it you can read it over and over again. I know having my own web site (www.moparranch.com) you have to keep them hooked. Your classified section is what most junkies love; yours has no Mopar stuff for sale (got bored quick). Second you need some juicy barn find stuff (everyone likes a story about a diamond car find). Also you need some stories about the guys like myself and others that eat, breathe, and live the Mopar dream.

I sold my auto repair business of 20 years to live the dream: Lots of Mopars, a great hot rod shop at home and a money making relationship building business. I have a small collection of rare stuff, fun fast stuff and some great drivers. I buy, sell and trade. You should also offer a vender link section and have your mag linked back so both business benefit.

Well, enough on that. Keep up the great work, I'll be watching for updates and new news. Thanks for keeping the dream alive.

Steve Brigandi
North San Diego, CA

P.S. One last thing, if you could offer a calendar section for the new guys to find events in their own cities and states.

Thanks for the feedback, Steve, we have plans for many of the things you suggested. It’s only our first issue and some things will just take a bit of time to rev up.

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