Mopar Trivia Contest

Well we have a winner in our latest contest. We actually had several readers get all five answers correct so a random drawing pulled a Mr. J.R. McGuiness of Modesto, California out of our battered old Mopar baseball cap. Congratulations JR, your MoparMax T-shirt and vintage magazines are on their way. Here are the answers to the trivia questions:


Mopar designates body/chassis/platforms with letters (current Chargers are LX). What year and what model was the first one that Mopar designated with a single letter?

  1. The 1956 Chrysler 300-B
  2. The 1960 Valiant A-body
  3. The 1959 Polara B-body

2)Mopar has done some interesting things to save costs in the past. What model and year(s) did Mopar make a car that had the exact same bumper used on both the front and the rear?

  1. 1960-1963 Dart
  2. 1968-1970 Charger
  3. 1967-1969 Barracuda

3)The AAR 340 six-pack ‘Cuda was introduced in 1970. What did “AAR” stand for?

  1. All American Racers
    [NOTE:The name of Dan Gurney’s company. Gurney and Mopar collaborated to race the SCCA Trans Am series.]
  2. American Automotive Revolution
  3. AA Racing (Pronounced “Double A” Racing)

4)Chrysler ‘blazed’ the way with halogen lighting way back in the 1960’s. What year was it introduced?

  1. 1967
  2. 1968
  3. 1969
    [NOTE: It was called the Super Lite and was available on C-body Dodges]

5)The Dodge brothers, John and Horace Dodge, left Ford in 1914 to produce their own automobiles, and formed Dodge Brothers, Inc. What was their first car called?

  1. Big Bertha
  2. The DB One
  3. Old Betsy
Email your answers to with the subject line: MoparMax Trivia Contest.