Mopar Trivia Contest

We stumped everyone! No one answered every question correctly this month. Here's the answers to the June Quiz:


Q1: Chrysler didn't invent the hemispherical combustion chamber but they succeeded with it like no one else before or since. What year did Chrysler introduce the Hemi and what did they name the engine? Hint, the answer is post-WWII.
A1: 1951 and it was called the Firepower V8.

Q2: How many 1970 T/A Challengers came with the M51 sunroof option?
A2: Only one is known to have been made.

Q3: Since 2005, the Dodge Charger in all engine flavors, has come with a total of three different axle sizes. Which one of the follow is NOT one of those sizes?
A3: There is no late model axle in 220mm size.

Q4: In 1962 the famous Max Wedge engine came in two different versions, one with 11:1 compression and one with 13.5:1. Early 1963 cars had the same two compression ratio versions, but late 1963 cars had a change in one of the engine's compression ratio. Which compression ratio changed and what did it change too?
A4: The 13.5:1 engine was lowered to 12.5:1.


We'll have new trivia content in August.